One Click


One-Click-Pitch is a promotion platform that lets the institution promote what is important and relevant to achieving its goals.

  • Digital Docent for archives, museums and historical societies.
  • One-Click-Promotion for aggregating deals, discounts and promotions offered to the public.

Search is driven by the site visitor and 75% of site visitors don’t use keyword search, if available.

One-Click-Pitch is driven by the institution and is available to all visitors with just one click.

“One-Click Promotion” Rationale


  • Drives the conversation with visitors by recommending the products, services and special deals you want to sell.
  • Presents Deals, Discounts and Special Offers in a promotional banner that appears when a visitor clicks the “One-Click” icon on any page.
  • Makes discovery and engagement easy.


  • Helps 75% of website visitors who do not use Keyword search , if available.
  • Puts Deals, Discounts and Special Offers in front of all visitors – including visitors who have previously missed this powerful sales tool.
  • Expedites discovery of the items most important to your business.


  • Recommendations work.
  • Proactively promotes Deals, Discounts and Special Offers.
  • Expedites engagement and prompts sales.