Every November, America celebrates Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is unique because its origins are not political or religious. Instead it celebrates what can be achieved when people of different backgrounds work together in common purpose. This American holiday is the inspired story of Plimoth Plantation.

In November 1620, a group of English colonists seeking a new life in North America arrived from England aboard the Mayflower.  They landed at Plymouth Rock after a 60 day storm tossed crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.  By the next spring, half of the travelers had died. They were desperate. What saved them?

The Wampanoag People provided help.

They taught them how to plant corn, fish local waters and understand the nature of their new environment. The Pilgrims and Wampanoag had a supportive relationship. They worked together with such success that around the time of the first anniversary of Mayflower’s landing, they held a three day celebration to recognize their common achievements. It was the first Thanksgiving!

Today Plimoth Plantation entertains visitors every day with Native Wampanoag staff and living history educators playing the roles of the original Pilgrims. They perform outdoors in a fully functioning re- creation of the Plimoth settlement and Wampanoag homesite.

History comes alive when visitors hear and see what life was like 400 years ago in New England.