Discover New York’s Diverse Natural Beauty

There are plenty of routes with long scenic stretches, gentle hills, and thrilling twists and turns. When it’s time to stretch your legs, you can stop to visit a farm and farmer’s market, catch an air show, enjoy a great meal or visit a museum or historic site.

Whether you ride a cruiser, chopper, or touring bike, you’ll discover that Upstate New York has many motorcycle-friendly roads to explore.

Riders enjoy meandering roads through the Adirondack Mountains and the Appalachian Highlands.   Between these two Upstate regions and along the eastern and northern borders, motorcycle rides take place within a series of lowlands. The state is blessed with good access to large lakes including Lakes Erie, Ontario, and Champlain, plus majestic rivers like the Hudson and Allegheny.

       Adirondacks Motorcycle Touring

Leave the world behind and ride in the Adirondacks
Discover scenic country roads that piggyback along mountain ranges, through pristine wilderness areas and travel old logging trails. For a few dollars in gas – the six million acre Adirondack Park is yours to explore. Find quaint towns without stop lights, or villages with more cows than people.In the Adirondacks, there’s never a rush to be somewhere, so you can sight-see and explore at your own pace. Find mile after mile of smooth Adirondack roadways winding through New York Mountains and unique attractions.  Discover summer’s lush greenery and family-friendly events, and autumn’s colorful foliage and harvest festivals. Enjoy Adirondack events that cater to motorcyclists, or simply set out and enjoy an afternoon ride.

                Hudson Valley Touring  

Whether you ride a cruiser, chopper, or touring bike, you’ll soon discover that the Hudson Valley has many motorcycle-friendly roads to explore. There are plenty of routes with long scenic stretches, gentle hills, and thrilling twists and turns. When it’s time to stretch your legs, you can stop to: visit a farm and farmer’s market; catch an air show; check out a museum or historic site; or enjoy a great meal.

              Catskills Mountain Thunder

The Annual Catskill Mountain Thunder motorcycle rally at Blackthorne Resort is the largest motorcycle festival in Upstate New York! Enjoy stunt shows, rodeo games, live music, a vendor expo and bike show with cash prizes. The Mountain Clove Run offers one of the most breathtaking and beautiful rides through the Great Northern Catskills. This 73.3-mile route takes you into the mountains where some of the highest peaks rise above you as you ride. Throughout the ride you are afforded incredible views of the landscape and access to scenic vistas such as the Kaaterskill Clove.  You’ll pass through quaint towns offering great places to eat, and shopping at antique stores and boutiques. There are gas stations in Leeds, Catskill, Palenville, Haines Falls, Hunter, Windham and Cairo in case you need to fill up.


              Finger Lake Scenic Rides

Finger Lakes scenic drives are among the most memorable experiences when touring here.  Motorcyclists are guaranteed big landscape vistas and awesome lake views, as well as lots of Americana along the way. We’ve even nicknamed Routes 5 and 20 “The authentic American Road.” The undulating hills, pristine lakes, and ribbons of well-maintained roads guarantee a memorablet Finger Lakes scenic ride.

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                                                                                          Motorcycling Basics

Motorcycling is the sport of riding a motorcycle.

Recreational motorcycling is sometimes considered a subculture and lifestyle.  Although mainly a solo activity, motorcycling can be social and motorcyclists tend to have a sense of community with each other.

Motorcycling lifestyles include mainstream motorcycle clubs such as long-distance riding clubs, adventurer touring, trail riding and those involved with motorcycle sports, such as motocross riding, drag racing, circuit racing and trick or stunt enthusiasts. Organized rides are a key element of many groups.

Social motorcycle organizations have been popular for any years, are organized geographically and often focus on individual makes and makers such as Harley Davidson. Many social organizations raise money for charities and special causes by using group rides to raise public awareness.