Ballroom, Latin, Lindy Hop and Swing

Competitive dancing is popular on college campuses and in local communities across New York.  Teams represent their colleges and communities at events regionally and nationally throughout the year.

At Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute the competitive ballroom dance team is among the largest student-run organizations. Cornell University and Binghamton University have well known teams.  These and other colleges offer dancers of all skill levels a variety of options to have fun and improve their abilities.  Just as with football and basketball players, a solid college dance performances can lead to a career in the sport.

Dancers are passionate and competitive athletes who often begin performing in youth competitions. The U.S. Olympic Committe recognizes Dance Sport as a USOC Multi-Sport, along with other sports such as Ultimate and Orienteering. College teams compete in regional and national competitions to determine national ranking and win place in international competitions.

For example, the Manhattan Amateur Classicalso known as The MAC, is held annually and attracts dozens of colleges and universities from New York, the Northeast and across the country send teams to compete.  It is a three day competition that has collegiate, youth and open categories.  A great event for friends and families.

Trajectory Sports brings dancers and destinations together to create joint marketing initiatives that increase revenues for both organizers and the city.

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