Sports Marketing

Sports are powerful financial engines.

ESPN, the Canadian Football League and other leading groups have expanded into new markets utilizing the expertise of Trajectory Sports.

Our team has extensive hands-on experience working with companies that build sports properties, syndicate events and reposition themselves for expansion.  This has run the gamut from designing and launching new sports networks … to syndicating international sports leagues and teams … to developing new sports networks.  We develop innovative strategies that utilize a range of business models from subscription to ad supported to hybrid models.

We have first-hand experience introducing new leagues and events to U.S. sports fans and organizers.

Our team has successfully delivered new distribution for soccer teams and leagues, golf associations and tournaments, basketball leagues, international rugby, international table tennis and badminton, and other sports that face challenges entering and thriving in North America.

Trajectory Sports combines proven sports marketing expertise with applied artificial intelligence to help clients launch, expand and succeed.

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