Curiosity is a Basic Human Instinct

Curiosity drives tourism. It is synonymous with interest and the spirit of discovery.

But it’s hard to ask for something when you don’t know what to call it.

Keyword search is a start, but people only ask for what they know.  And less than 30% of people use it because it can be intimidating and frustrating.   Visitors very often don’t know what to ask for.

Trajectory’s Recommendation Service does the asking for you.

No need to type.   It knows every item a website offers and how each item relates to all other items.  It’s the product of AI, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), proprietary algorithms and neuroscience applied to business.

The website owner simply displays its five most popular and important items for people to see when they enter.   Think of the “Best Sellers” table when you walk into a store.   These are the items that generate the most interest among all customers, or the ones that the store wants to introduce and promote.

As soon as a visitor looks at one, Trajectory’s Recommendation Service immediately suggests additional items that will stimulate more interest.   Recommendation feeds curiosity and drives discovery.

All Recommendations are made in real time and matched 1-on-1 to individual visitor interests and motivation.

Here is How It Works.

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THEMED Digital Guides can be created for important groups.