How It Works

How Recommendation Works

Recommendation uses AI and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to read and understand the meaning and context of every word on every page of the website, and how every page relates to every other page on the site.  It was developed by Trajectory SMG and Datanomers, a leader in artificial intelligence and neuroscience applied to business.

There is no limit to the number of pages a website can have.

This deep and thorough understanding of every page is the key to making good recommendations.

Artificial Intelligence with NLU makes Recommendation work.

Site Menu:                       Page title only.

Keyword Search:         Page title, snippet, a few key words

Recommendation:      Page title, snippet, a few key words PLUS every word on every page read and understood for meaning, context and relevance to all other pages on site.

Recommendation COEXISTS with Site Menus and Keyword Search.  It does not replace them.

It has metrics and can be sponsored.

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