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Online Retail Store Banners Are A Good Alternative to 3rd Party Pop-up Ads

You determine who the advertisers are, not a third-party pop-up ad seller.  You will never find a competitive product being sold on your website, because you are the one deciding who sells on your site.

Unlike pop-up ads that redirect your visitors way from your website to a different site, an ONLINE POP-UP RETAIL BANNER lets people explore your advertiser’s online retail offerings while they still on your site

It’s a cutting-edge tool for online retail sales, particularly for small non-chain businesses.

For example, a typical store might have 500 to 1000 items to sell.   Each item has its own URL with a photo and a product description.  Our technology reads each page, just as a human would, and then recommends other products that will interest your visitor.  The more pages the visitor looks at, the smarter the recommendations.  We do not profile visitors to your website, but instead study your content and then make recommendations based on what products have been viewed.  It is similar to a librarian who recommends a book base on your expressed interests and the books available in the library.

The Online Retail Banner has a simple code that can be added to any website, regardless of platform provider. It is easy to add and just as easy to remove.  Because of the high tech, it is add-water-and-stir.

The technology behind this has been validated by the Digital Docent now in use.

I LOVE NY has written about the success of Digital Docents at the Barrett Art Center and at the Saratoga County Historical Society at Brookside Museum.

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