Digital Docent

Digital Docents are digital employees who work for you 24/7.

  • You tell them the five most important things  you want to promote, and
  • They display them in a pop-up window.

When a visitor arrives, they see the window and click on a topic of interest.

  • DEMI (Digital Employee Machine Intelligence) then takes over and
  • Recommends pages on your website that will interest individual visitors, 1-on-1 in real time.   As a result, people stay longer on the site and view more pages.

Digital Docents are excellence employees because they

  • Read and understand every page on your website using AI with Natural Language Understanding and Processing,
  • Work 24/7, and
  • Respect visitor privacy.

Digital Docents know what’s on your website and in your archives better than any human, and they know how every page on your site relates to every other page.

  • If your website offers Keyword Search, that remains unchanged.  Visitors can still use it.
  • However, since less than 30% of visitors use Keyword Search,  Digital Docents offer a user-friendly alternative that lets visitors explore everything you offer without the burden of typing.

Digital Docents are valuable additions to any website.