Recommendations Work

People Like Recommendations.

They ask for them all the time.  When dining, traveling, planning a vacation.  You name it.  They are important and valuable when people want to experience something new.

Here is an example of how an attraction in Dutchess County uses it.

The Barrett Art Center in Poughkeepsie, New York, added a “Trending Most Popular”  button to their Home Page to promote what is most important to the museum and its visitors.  The “Trending” bottom is on lower right of home page.

When a website visitor clicks that button, they are shown the five most important topics for the Barrett, including its sponsors.

When a visitor clicks an image, that page appears along with additional new recommendations.  It’s a user-friendly way to explore the website.   Clicking an image is easier than scrolling down a menu bar or typing keywords.   Click the arrow in the banner headline (“Trending Most Popular @ Barrett Art Center.   Presented by Dutchess Tourism”) to make the banner disappear back into the corner icon.

Here’s How It Works.

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